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If you're an investing type person, perhaps the best and most guaranteed way of income, is to own a UK Investment Mortgage. Primarily best for landlords, investors and people with a large cash flow, these properties are designed for commercial and residential renting.

There are several positive advantages to having an Investment Mortgage. One advantage is that the borrower you choose may allow you to borrow more against the property then valued for improvements. The borrowers are usually more flexible with the payment arrangement and can also offer you tax breaks for such mortgage. The down side to having this type of investment is that there are several different interest categories you could fall into.

If it is a fixed rate Investment Mortgage, you should expect to live in the property or maintain it for several years. You will not see the advantage of a fixed rate in a short term investment. If the rate is adjustable, you should expect some sort of increase in your income for this to be profitable. Investment MortgageKeep in mind, The Bank of England is typically slow to decrease adjustable rates and fast to issue increases.

With the dangers of a poorly functioning stock market and the interest rate difficulties that are now faced, purchasing an investment property is certainly a smart option for an investor with long term goals. Whether for residential planning or a commercial building, there are some great UK Investment Mortgages on the market today.

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