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Fixed Rate Remortgages are ideal if you are keen to know exactly what your repayments will be each month. This makes budgeting a lot easier and also gives you a very good indication of what size mortgage you can afford. There are numerous variations of fixed rate remortgage deals on the market. By providing your details and remortgage requirements in the short form provided, Best Quote Mortgages can search the market for you. We will save you time by matching your circumstances to suitable fixed rate remortgage lenders.


What is a Fixed Rate Remortgage?


A fixed rate remortgage offers peace of mind in today’s turbulent lending industry. As the name suggests it allows you to fix the rate of interest you pay over an agreed period. Over the past 12 months, the UK has seen extreme swings in lending patterns, more commonly known as the credit crunch. Many home owners are turning to fixed rate deals for financial stability. Fixed rates allow you to avoid worrying about whether changes in the Bank for England’s base rate will affect your repayments. Fixed Rate MortgageThe most common periods are between 1 and 5 years. Once this period ends, you will have the option to move onto the lender’s standard variable rate or you can choose a new fixed rate remortgage. Your options are always open.


Pros and Cons of Fixed Rate Remortgages


Pros of Fixed Rate Remortgage Deals


Cons of Fixed Rate Remortgage Deals.


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