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Equity Release Mortgage


UK Equity Release Mortgage, also known as the Lifetime Mortgage, is a benefit offered to people above a certain age. Depending upon the plan, the minimum age to avail UK Equity Release Mortgage is typically somewhere between 55 and 70.


Equity Release MortgageWhen you opt for the Lifetime Mortgage, you can borrow money against the equity value of your home. The maximum allowed amount that you can borrow is between 20% and 40% of the equity value of your property. The mortgage is secured against your home and you don't need to pay back the borrowed money. With an Equity Release Mortgage you can still continue to live in your home as long as you wish.


To qualify for a UK Equity Release Mortgage, your home needs to be in a reasonably good state, and even while you live in the home after mortgaging it, you should keep it well maintained.


A UK Equity Release Mortgage is a blessing for people that are above the qualifying age and are retired or not able to work any longer. The Lifetime Mortgage provides you with an easy way to live the rest of your life in comfort. If you are planning to mortgage your property under one of the UK Equity Release Mortgages, complete our short form for a fast quote.


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