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Buy to Let Mortgages


The last 10 years have seen a significant increase in buy to let mortgages in the UK as renting out property has become a safe investment. Even with rising house prices and talk of a recession, buy to let properties can still be a viable source of income.


With this increased demand, the amount of buy to let mortgages available to investors has followed suit. Although traditionally variable rate mortgages are par for the course, fixed rate mortgages have started gain popularity. They are attractive for those on a controlled budget. There are also flexible rates, discount, and tracker buy to let mortgages on the market.First Time Buyer Mortgage


Buying property to let is hard work but it can also be very lucrative. It is important to know your end goal, for example are you planning to hang onto the property for the duration of the loan or is it a short term plan? Affordability is also crucial in guaranteeing a successful buy to let venture. Keep your options open by researching all available mortgage products.


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